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Sleep Thermogenic

There are 4 sleep stages, during the first 3 there is no chance in metabolic activity. The 4th stage is REM sleep. Research has shown that in this stage our body can use as much energy (glucose & calories) as it does when it’s awake.

Stop and think – we put a lot of effort into our workouts, our eating plan and our supplement program but what about our sleep habits? The time we spend sleeping is the ideal time to burn fat and promote recovery!

REM-P.M. from MAN SPORTS – burn more fat, enjoy deeper sleep, recovery quicker and promote GH release with REM-P.M.! Gone are the days of taking several pills on an empty stomach hours before going to sleep! No more bad tasting powders! No more waking up groggy! Just one capsule per night – and you can take it with food!

Don’t waste any more nights! Start using deep sleep to improve your progress!

The advantages of REM-P.M.
The purpose of REM-P.M. is to allow your time spent sleeping to be effective – burn more fat, recover more fully, elevate GH levels, and control catabolism.


If product is out of stock, you may swap with Liposomal Relax by NuEthix