Here's what we are looking for:

• Individuals with experience in the health and/or fitness world
• Passion driven coaches
• Coaches eager to learn new and ever evolving material
• Someone who is eager to share what they learn
• Coaches who are ready to be part of a team
• Those who are ready to put in the time to become the elite in the industry



After you submit your application, it will enter the review process by our team and from there we will make our initial selection of coaches to begin our training program.  
You will be notified of the status of your application on September 22nd.
Those chosen will meet for the first day of training on September 29th – This day will consist of introductions and learning the foundation of Nutrition Dynamic. You will be given materials to study, which you will be tested on later that week. These test results will be used to determine who moves forward for the next month of educational training. For those who make it into second round of competition there will be a one time, non refundable fee of $100 USD for course materials provided.

Upon completing the first month of education, we will go into a review process and make our final selection of coaches to receive the full 26+ week educational training and the opportunity to become a coach with Nutrition Dynamic. You will be notified by November 4th if you will be moving forward in the program.

All educational material will be taught by Nutrition Dynamic’s Owner and Founder Vince Pitstick and Nutrition Dynamic’s Lead Dietitian & Education Manager Kristen DeAngelis.

A few items to consider before applying:
- All meetings will be held on Zoom and need to be attended from a computer or with real-time computer acces
- Educational Training will take place on weekdays and during day time hours (EST)
----- We will attempt to find the most accommodating times for all involved including applicants outside of the US
- You must be able to attend these training sessions live  
----- Occasional exceptions may be made on an individual basis
- There will be tasks to complete related to the material taught each week. These tasks must be completed and returned by the all corresponding deadlines
- To receive the full 26+ weeks of educational training you must agree to become a Nutrition Dynamic team coach
- At Nutrition Dynamic, we are a team and we function as one. We are here to help each other grow and learn and not only encourage camaraderie - we see it as vital to our success.


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