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Vince Pitstick

Vince Pitstick has been in the health and wellness field for over 15 years. Beginning as a personal trainer, and competition/lifestyle nutrition coach near Chicago IL. He began a journey of blending performance nutrition programs and functional medicine sciences ten years ago working as a functional medicine consultant for Metagenics.

Working as a Functional Medicine Consultant, he has helped hundreds of Physicians in the midwest bring natural based programs to their office with the latest in natural technology and coaching to help their patients. Specializing in the areas of gut health, auto immunity, blood sugars, weight management, fibromyalgia, and pcos, Vince has helped develop programs that have transformed thousands of lives across the world

In an endeavor to create a place where client centered, natural care was the priority of the practice, he opened Nutrition Dynamic in 2012.  Developing a coaching institute to teach dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and health coaches how to be the best in the industry called the Metabolic Mentor Program.  

Vince and his team of over are now one of the largest coaching companies in the United States. They cover all areas of nutrition, everything from top of the line sports performance programing to disease management programs across the U.S.  The goal is to impact world health, one coach/one client at a time.

Laura Tarbell

IFBB Pro and mom of two sets of twins, Laura Tarbell, started coaching in 2007. :trophy::bikini:

At the time, she had just begun her career as a fitness model & fitness competitor when friends and coworkers started asking her for weight loss & nutrition advice. In a desire to give educated guidance, she took her first nutrition course.Over the years, her coaching progressed from weight loss & performance based macros & training to also include functional nutrition & supplementation. This was a result of developing her own hormone & digestion issues from overtraining and over-dieting for competitions & as she saw a need for it with her clients’ struggles as well.She now specializes in helping bikini athletes optimize their competition prep in order to look their best on stage & then transition into post show with long term health in mind. Programming includes training, supplements and nutrition as well as posing, suit selection, & hair & makeup recommendations as stage presentation is a major aspect of the bikini division.She also specializes in helping frustrated moms who can’t seem to lose weight no matter what they try to get to the root cause of what's preventing progress. She helps them reach their physical goals to feel more confident in their body & ultimately live a more fulfilled momlife.

Blake Grove


At Nutrition Dynamic, no matter how large the stakes at hand you need a coaching system that brings out your best but takes into consideration your long term health. At the end of the day, there's a life after you hit that final pose.