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A Blast Form The Past As Vince Prepares The 2016 Ten-2-Fit Competitors And Gets Them Into The Right Mind Set

Understanding why when you workout and eat right your weight may go down at a slower rate but your progress isn't..

Stop over focusing on weight. It's composition that's important! #letsgo



Please trainers... let your clients watch this. This breaks down why food is key. And what is most important in a nutrition plan.

No more not eating and doing cardio. No more 500 calorie diets. NO MORE REBOUND! #letsgo

Breaking down why proportion in what your eating in every meal makes a huge difference in how much fat you burn and one of the 3 keys of success to any weight loss program! #letsgo

Mentality Is Key When It Comes To Staying On Track And Making Lasting Changes

Setting boundaries:

Working a program is defined by what the program is going to do for you. Or what you’re going to do in a program.  
But doing “everything,” or “being everything,” is just not option.  
If you’re running into problem areas in your program then stop and start small. Don’t focus on everything you’re going to do and simplify it to some things your “not,” going to do. Draw boundaries in your life that unlock the keys to being successful at taking care of yourself in a program.  #letsgo


Hidden eating disorders.

Become aware. Take take an honest look at how you control food?

Cutting Weight an American Obsession

The American obsession with cutting weight has caused a nation of people who don’t know the medicinal value of muscle. Still today, most health organizations point to muscle being the number one bio marker of health. It’s muscle that maintains healthy immunity, glucose stability, hydration status, hormone balance, structural stability, and overall resiliency under stress. 
Most women spend their whole lives cutting. Which means losing muscle. Rarely do they spend time “building,” muscle in a caloric surplus. This will boost metabolism and health for the long term. If you’ve never gone above 2,000 calories with exercise for more then 3 months you’ve probably never achieved a surplus environment for your body to build and become metabolicly strong. 
It’s not wonder that women are suffering now in droves from all these conditions that end up in slow metabolisms that disregulate glucose, decrease immunity, or destabilize the ability to manage stress. 
Watch my story as I explain in detail how women need to be empowered from an early age to eat to lose and not starve to become thin and sick. #createimpact

Understanding Your Body Physiology And Actionable Steps To Move Forward

Got anxiety? Think yeast overgrowth.

Reversing Chronic Dieting

We had a tremendous amount of outreach on social media following my video on Women and chronic dieting. How they deteriorate their muscle and their health. So the follow up we got was. “Vince, how do I fix it.” Basic principles that question answered.

Bacteria and Metabolism: You don’t have a weight issue, you have a gut issue. 
Vince, our founder educating our #ten2fit competitors on the importance of gut health for metabolic health.

If you’re having a hard time with digestion, maybe not having consistent 💩, experiencing bloating, maybe sever anxiety- feeling uncomfortableness and no matter how hard you diet, the weight stays- in some cases, the weight increases? 

Reach out to us. Email or call. It’s not your fault- it’s your gut.

Breaking Down The Why Behind The Science Of NuEthix Line Of Products

GDA Max for proper carb control

Why hormone support is complex. 
Three reasons
1) insulin function and stress hormone
2) hormone conversion
3) estrogen filtration

These three functions must all be in alignment for months at a time for you to experience hormone balance or hormone optimization and all it’s benefits. Watch this video to learn more!