Adrena Licorice Pro

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Herbal Support for Optimal Adrenal Function
Comparable to Metagenics Licorice Plus
The adrenal glands are involved in many of the body's physiological functions and may indirectly cause many illnesses. Compromised adrenal function affects blood pressure, energy, and the body's stress response mechanism. Adrena Licorice Pro is an herbal adaptogen with multiple physiologically active compounds and bioactive metabolites to support healthy adrenal function. This synergistic blend may help balance neurotransmitters and support the sympathetic nervous system to promote a healthy psychological stress response.

The most pertinent research-backed benefits of supplementation with Adrena Licorice Pro may include: 

Supports healthy adrenal function 
Promotes balanced cortisol response
Promotes a healthy response to stress

*If product is out of stock you may swap with Adrena Health by NuEthix