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Highly Bioavailable Chelated Zinc
Essential Zn is a highly bioavailable zinc supplement featuring chelated zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. The chelation process bonds zinc with amino acids to enhance absorption and make it easier on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract than other forms of supplemental zinc, like zinc oxide.

Zinc is an essential mineral, often present in metalloenzymes, that plays key roles in many bodily tissues, working to modify gene expression, stabilize cell membranes, support immune function, assist reproductive health and more.

Furthermore, chelated zinc is well-documented in scientific research to support GI integrity and intestinal permeability.

Essential Zn is designed to help you meet your daily zinc needs by providing highly absorbable zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. Adequate zinc intake is crucial for many biological processes, such as:

● Promoting healthy immune function
● Supporting healthy cellular metabolism
● Supporting DNA integrity
● Promoting reproductive function
● Supporting GI integrity and permeability

*If product is out of stock you may swap with Tummy Rescue by NuEthix