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During this consultation your consulting dietitian will email you the results of your test, go over the report, create a plan of action and answer any questions you may have.

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For the last decade, Dr. Ben Lynch and his research team have been in the lab developing the StrateGene® Report.

The StrateGene® Report is a detailed analysis of your DNA. This report is your guide to optimal genetic health. Your purchase of the StrateGene® Report includes the 100+ page detailed genetic report along with private access to the StrateGene® Education Portal. This online library of digital educational resources is designed by Dr. Lynch to help you interpret your DNA results.

The StrateGene® Report is a genetic reporting tool. It requires that you have taken one of these DNA tests: Ancestry or 23AndMe. 

Please note: 23andMe and AncestryDNA provide only a portion of the raw data SNPs that are analyzed in the StrateGene® Report. This means your report will contain some sections that may be blank due to the genetic information not being available.

Your StrateGene® Report purchase includes:

  • The StrateGene® Report – One digital downloadable report
    • 9 Biochemical Pathways analyzed including Genes, Functional SNPs, Recommendations for Lifestyle, Food, Environment, and Supplements
  • Exclusive Access to the StrateGene® Education Portal – This online portal contains the educational resources you need to understand and use your StrateGene® Report:
    • Consults and Case Study Recordings – by StrateGene® genetic experts and StrateGene® founder, Dr. Ben Lynch
    • Pathway Planner Training Conference Recordings
    • Dirty Genes Course – Digital
      • Nearly five hours of insider tips from the creator of StrateGene®, Dr. Ben Lynch
      • 10 videos divided into well-organized, sequential lessons
      • Actionable and easy to understand information
    • Dirty Genes Summit (2 Interviews) – Digital
      • What To Do If Your Genes are Dirty by Dr. Ben Lynch
      • How Genetic Testing Should Be Interpreted by Dr. Shelese Pratt
    • ABC’s of Clean Genes – Digital
      • A quick start guide to cleaning your genes with actionable examples
    • Your Guide to StrateGene® – Digital
      • Recorded Webinar Series by Dr. Ben Lynch

Why Choose StrateGene®?

StrateGene® is a customized genetic report. The results help you determine if you have genetic variations that can give you susceptibilities to specific health issues. This tool tells you where your DNA has certain changes, or variations, known as SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms. SNPs change the structure and shape of the specific enzymes they create. These enzymes can be related to nutrient levels (such as folate!), toxic byproduct breakdown (histamine!), and even mood (dopamine!). Knowing where your genes and enzymes need support is a VERY powerful tool for optimizing your health.

StrateGene® focuses on 9 key health areas, known as Pathways. These are visual representations of the actual biochemical processes happening in your body. For example, the Histamine Pathway shows the enzymes responsible for breaking down histamine in your body. If you struggle with high histamine levels, it could be related to a SNP in your Histamine Pathway. Are you wondering if you’re part of the 50% of people with a MTHFR gene mutation? The StrateGene® Report will show you this in the context of your entire Methylation Pathway.

Across each of these Pathways, there are 150 different variations that are evaluated. These genetic variations are strategically chosen by Dr. Ben Lynch and his research team. The SNPs analyzed in the StrateGene® Report are known to have a large clinical impact on health across many populations. By limiting report data to well-researched SNPs, a qualified health care practitioner is able to formulate a targeted testing and treatment plan – faster.

The StrateGene® Report Analyzes Your Genes in These 9 Health Pathways:

  • Dirty Genes Super Seven Pathway (how they all interconnect)
  • Folate Pathway
  • SAMe Pathway
  • Methylation Cycle Pathway (combined Folate and SAM Pathways)
  • Serotonin Pathway
  • Dopamine Pathway
  • Biopterin Pathway
  • Histamine Pathway
  • Glutathione Pathway

    • Each of the Pathways Includes:
      • Pathway Diagrams
        • Visualize enzyme interactions so you can quickly see how they affect each other
      • Your Unique Genetic Variants
        • The Gene, SNP, RSID number, Allele, and impact on the enzyme
      • Your Inherited Enzyme Speed
        • Did you inherit a “slow” MTHFR enzyme?
      • Epigenetic Influencing Factors
        • Find out what factors are speeding up or slowing down each enzyme, which can play a part in changing the expression of the gene!
      • Gene Explanations
        • Learn what each gene does and how it impacts your health
      • Factors that “Clean” and “Dirty” Each Gene/Enzyme
        • Learn what to do AND what not to do for optimal gene health
  • Learn how to clean your Dirty Genes (SNPs) with targeted supplementation and lifestyle

What Genetic Test Raw Data Can Be Used with the StrateGene® Report?

There are two types of raw data that you can upload to generate your StrateGene® Report.

  • AncestryDNA: The StrateGene® Report will only work with AncestryDNA tests purchased AFTER May 2016 (Version 2 only). It is not compatible with earlier test versions or data.

  • 23andMe: The StrateGene® Report works with ALL versions of the 23andMe DNA test. However, depending on which version of 23andMe you have, some SNPs that were available with earlier versions will be missing from later test versions. (See chart below)

Genes and SNPs Evaluated by StrateGene®

The SNPs analyzed and reported in the StrateGene® Report are dependent on the raw data provided by AncestryDNA or 23andMe. Seeking Health is not associated with any of these companies and will not be informed of any changes in their raw data collection. If the raw data is not available, the StrateGene® Report will show this section as "Data Not Available"

The raw data provided from these labs can and does change at any time without notice. Seeking Health does not have control of these changes and will not be notified. It is up to you, the customer, to contact 23andMe or AncestryDNA to determine which SNPs/RSIDs may or may not appear in your raw data.


    These labs are for nutrition analysis only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. They are not intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician on any matters regarding your health and before nutritional changes.