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Prosorb+ Magnesium is a unique blend of magnesium technology for enhanced bioavailability and utility.


  • Improved Motility*
  • Tension Relief*
  • Muscle and Nerve Support*
  • Cardiovascular/Heart Support*

Although Prosorb+ Magnesium can be taken any time of day, you can take it in the evening because of the relaxing and calming effect it can have on your mind and body.

The most important thing with magnesium is to stay consistent with your supplementation if your diet is lacking in this vital nutrient.

Suggested use: Mix 1 scoop of powder into at least 6 oz. of juice or water pre bed to assist in relaxation and a good night's sleep. If being used for constipation, dose may need to be worked up to 2-3 servings pre-bed. Always consult with your healthcare provider.