Shingles Nosode

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Promote your cardiovascular health and relieve nasal congestion. This homeopathic formula is free of milk‚ wheat‚ yeast‚ salt‚ starch‚ and preservatives.

Mezereum reportedly increases blood circulation in your body‚ eases headache and toothache‚ and improves skin health. It could potentially alleviate conditions related to your eyes‚ ears and nose‚ relieve flatulence and stomach aches‚ and lessen body pain.

The presence of rhus tox in this homeopathic product from Professional Formulas may alleviate back pain‚ muscle discomfort‚ and inflammation. Croton tig could potentially cleanse your stomach and intestines‚ prevent gallbladder conditions‚ and inhibit joint pain and bronchial infections.

Research shows that Echinacea wards off common cold and flu‚ relieves headache‚ and fights fatigue. It may also boost attention‚ reduce conditions related to your joints and gums‚ and combat urinary tract infections. L-lysine reportedly increases muscle mass‚ prevents infections and cold sores‚ and regulates blood glucose levels.