Uva Ursi Extract

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A close relative of cranberry and blueberry, uva ursi is a low-lying evergreen perennial bush whose berries are favored by bears, lending the name “bearberry”. Uva ursi directly translates from Latin to “bear’s grape”, and is known as kinnikinnick, as well. The leaves are the plant part that is utilized for wellness promoting properties.   

Uva ursi was used by Native Americans, as well as European and American early settlers for its affinity for the urinary system. It continues to be revered for this healthful benefit today. Uva ursi is astringent, tannic, and has a mild diuretic action. This botanical can be infused into tea, applied topically, or extracted.

Our uva ursi tincture is crafted from fresh aerial portions and organic alcohol at our extract facility in Eugene, Oregon. It has a flavor that is slightly bitter and pungent with a hint of sweetness. The extract pairs well with cornsilk, cleavers, usnea, or juniper extracts, among others. It can be taken in water or juice or added to a cup of tea such as vita-blend tea.  

Organic alcohol, water, and fresh uva ursi aerial portion.