Curing Adult Acne After Antibiotics

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Curing Adult Acne After Antibiotics

Do you have rash-like acne flare-ups? Then next thing you know, you're running to the store to buy the best rated facial cleanser. We hate to break it to you, but this isn’t going away with a facial cleanser in a week's time.

Shelly is a former fitness competitor who got a double ear and sinus infection. A few rounds of antibiotics and her typically clear skin was gone overnight. What? How?

Antibiotics can kill off your good bacteria. The same bacteria that lives on your face also lives in your gut. This is called lactobacillus acidophilus, because the skin is acidic and these are acid-loving bacteria (bacteria that thrives on a low ph balance). 

As a result, what you do to your gut is what you do to your face in many ways.  For Shelly, the antibiotic blocked estrogen filtration in the gut, which dramatically shifted her ph and bacterial balance in hours.

Ph drops, estrogen rises, and bad antibiotic resistant bacteria grow quickly. This irritates the liver by causing a buildup, as well leaving cellular waste to build in the skin and BAM!  You go from great skin to an incredibly unfamiliar outbreak. 

We used a quick Mediterranean flush diet with large doses of the strain NCFM from lactobacillus acidophilus. She applied it to her face and orally ingested it while using estrogen detoxifiers in the gut, and within 2 weeks its was almost completely cleared!

We also used a blend of apple cider and clay on the face as a mask to enhance pulling toxins from the skin and her skin is almost back to the way she was before! You can combat acne with bacteria, hormone modulators, and diet. In most cases, our functional methods are better than harsh and expensive cleansers! 

Thank you Shelly for letting us share your story. Most people don't have the strength to be vulnerable when facing a completely new issue.

We appreciate you! 

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