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Sheila has been one of my most fun clients to work with. Her transformation meant more than changing your nutrition and taking some supplements.

It meant making hard work life, home life, and exercise changes to accomplish this task. As we know, PCOS is no joke and shouldn't be played with. If you have no experience working with PCOS clients do not engage. All the things you read when it comes to PCOS will backfire on you. Most people with PCOS use normal metabolic strategies to lose weight and that's exactly how they damage their system and make it even worse!

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The problem isn't you. The problem is the lifestyle that got you through your 20's and 30's, which is now a part of your day-to-day life. And that's hard to change. One can not simply, “not have stress.” Tiffany is a perfect example of this. Stress activity was always her go-to. When she got stressed, she didn’t eat and kept herself very busy, which truly made her body stress more. She would workout to train stress away, and without enough food that creates even more stress. ⁣

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Rebecca was your typical young lady with her whole life ahead of her. She had the typical stress she thought everyone did - worked hard, worried about the future, and was training and restricting calories to keep her weight down. Then one day, that all changed. She began to have severe fatigue and bloating. She started having short term memory loss and confusion. She began to have more and more swelling all over. Her stomach, hands, feet, and face could distend in dramatic fashion in just a couple of hours. The more she trained and lower her calories got, the more her muscles faded away and fat replaced them. It got to a point where she became unrecognizable, even to herself.

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Marci not only overcame adrenal fatigue, gut issues, and metabolic resistance. She defeated that and then decided to challenge herself and become the leanest she’s ever been and to build the body she wanted. Often times, the first step is stripping down what we will call the “baby fat". The second phase of this journey is a slow build and creation of great lines and structure. The secret is that you have much more control over how you build than how you cut. Controlled ISO-workouts emphasizing the areas of development along with nutrient timing, carbohydrate/glucose partitioning, and natural sex hormone...

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Amazing things can happen when you combine integrative functional health coaching and nutrition programming.   To say the least: Molly is SLAYING her program. She's been consistent, positive, and determined to get off the hamster wheel of feeling sick! She came to us feeling sick, tired, distended, depressed and overweight. Molly was on antidepressants for her mood, yet HATED the way they made her feel. She wanted a more natural solution along with a plan that helped her lose weight.  How did we do it? We used our Mediterranean diet guidelines with integrated functional nutrition and training programs to give her...

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