3 Phase System Healing Androgens Dominance, SIBO, & Metabolic Resistance

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3 Phase System Healing Androgens Dominance, SIBO, & Metabolic Resistance

Rebecca was your typical young lady with her whole life ahead of her. She had the typical stress she thought everyone did - worked hard, worried about the future, and was training and restricting calories to keep her weight down. Then one day, that all changed. She began to have severe fatigue and bloating. She started having short term memory loss and confusion. She began to have more and more swelling all over. Her stomach, hands, feet, and face could distend in dramatic fashion in just a couple of hours. The more she trained and lower her calories got, the more her muscles faded away and fat replaced them. It got to a point where she became unrecognizable, even to herself.

Who was this person and who is this body I don’t recognize? The stomach pains got worse and the switching from constipation to diarrhea was constant.

There were a lot of symptoms and they all sprung up from high stress, overproduction of dopamine, which led to high androgens (And no, not testosterone). Androstenedione is a key to immune function and energy but also impacts aldosterone levels and metabolism.  Androgens are great in balance with other hormones; but when you stress and deplete estrogen and progesterone, there is nothing to keep it level. As a result, it becomes a dominant hormone. Excess dopamine on the brain is like being on a high-dose pre-workout all the time, and the body can’t hold up under the stress. Like women who take too much Anavar or other androgenic steroids for too long, your body goes in the opposite direction and metabolism suppresses.

It stopped Rebecca’s life in its tracks when she found us about 10 months ago.

Fixing the damage from high androgens and bringing back the metabolism can take time, but healing is possible.

Our 3 phase system (Flush, Feed, and Function) can restore most people if they deal with the root causes early and don’t try to diet and exercise on top of it - which just makes it worse.

Huge thank you to Rebecca for believing in us and this program! She now has an extremely healthy body and mind with alleviated symptoms! She's not only taking back her life, but making it a better one! 

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