Healing Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Issues, Metabolic Resistance, & More

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Healing Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Issues, Metabolic Resistance, & More

Marci not only overcame adrenal fatigue, gut issues, and metabolic resistance.

She defeated that and then decided to challenge herself and become the leanest she’s ever been and to build the body she wanted.

Often times, the first step is stripping down what we will call the “baby fat".

The second phase of this journey is a slow build and creation of great lines and structure. The secret is that you have much more control over how you build than how you cut. Controlled ISO-workouts emphasizing the areas of development along with nutrient timing, carbohydrate/glucose partitioning, and natural sex hormone optimization for the best muscle development while mitigating fat gains.

The key here is in the lifestyle. The body comparisons photos can’t begin to explain the emotional and lifestyle changes she made to get here. She simplified her life. Worked diligently on stress management, and stayed focus on the task.  Most people fail because they divide themselves with so many other “to do’s” they spread themselves too thin and never achieve the original goal they made for themselves.

Congrats Marci! Way to put your mind to a goal and achieve it!

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