The Truth about Overcoming PCOS

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The Truth about Overcoming PCOS

Sheila and her amazing transformation overcoming PCOS! 

Sheila has been one of my most fun clients to work with. Her transformation meant more than changing your nutrition and taking some supplements.

It meant making hard work life, home life, and exercise changes to accomplish this task. As we know, PCOS is no joke and shouldn't be played with. If you have no experience working with PCOS clients do not engage. All the things you read when it comes to PCOS will backfire on you. Most people with PCOS use normal metabolic strategies to lose weight and that's exactly how they damage their system and make it even worse!

Most people try to cut foods and diet even harder. They may lose in the short (usually not), but all you're doing is making your rebound 5 times worse. Unless you've been trained to work with PCOS and keep up to date labs, hire a specialist. If you diet and over train with PCOS, you raise androgens, which increases blood sugars, and progresses the disease. 

Sheila was one of those clients where the conventional dieting worked, but is what made her metabolism crash over time while progressing the condition and negatively changing her body quickly. One day she woke up and her body began to look unrecognizable and was behaving it ways it hadn't before. We had to work our 3-step Dynamic Metabolic Repair program, which meant Sheila had to eat more then she wanted, reduce her training, and then wait.

No one likes to wait.  

But she trusted us! She waited 10 weeks before we went in with a PCOS-friendly diet and she dropped incredible amounts in just weeks. With PCOS, you can't just go in and diet hard. You have to set yourself up for long-term success.

Thank you Sheila for trusting us! We are so happy you feel better and have overcome such a complicated health issue. You have been a true PCOS Warrior!


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  • Tirzah Grace

    Wow,would love to be able to do a program like that one day,my PCOS is winning in my life right now..

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