Post-Competition Healing: She Fits in Her Wedding Dress!

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Post-Competition Healing: She Fits in Her Wedding Dress!

It’s been a long journey with a happy ending. Bri gets to slip into a wedding dress in just a few days, free of her old life filled with symptoms that could fill out an entire page!

She came to us in the middle of a prep for a show when her metabolism had stopped working. She was doing hours of cardio with little to no food. She was able to finish the show and then we began her recovery program to heal her body.

We utilized the 5 R Program and helped her heal from the inside out. For many months, we battle both bad bacteria and her body's own immune system. She had issues with getting better, then have a yeast flare-up. It would set us back, but then her hard work would help us overcome it to the next stage. Many times, recovery requires a few battles - you never know what you might encounter when you try to heal the gut.

Bri was too determined to quit. She hung in there and was consistent with our program and her routine. Once she recovered we started a build to put on the muscle she needed to be healthy, and then a small cut before her wedding, and now she looks AND feels amazing! 

We've been blessed to see her grow through her process and onto the next stage of her life!

Congrats Bri, you deserve it!

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