Meet PCOS Warrior Aubrey Price

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Meet PCOS Warrior Aubrey Price

The number of young women diagnosed with this terrible disease grows every year. Many are given very little information about the condition with very few guidelines on how to live healthy with the condition.  

Most women are told to go on birth control and don’t eat sugar - but that’s incredibly damaging because it isn't the best option for most women, and we believe everyone needs an individualized approach.

If you catch PCOS early enough, staying off birth control is usually a good option. Most PCOS is driven by androsterone, and not testosterone. (But we always recommend to try a DUTCH test first to read your hormone levels!)

We've seen a majority of our female clients with PCOS come to us after they've restricted carbs, and ended up on heavy blood sugar medications due to rising androgens and subsequent rising sugars. Androgens rise due to stress, whether that's emotional, physical, or environmental. So when you over-diet and over-train, you will raise androgens and make your condition much worse.

Aubrey is someone young girls should look up to. Trying to change her diet, physical activity, how she manages stress, all while growing up, trying to live  full life, and learn who she is along the way can be the hardest thing for anyone to do. She’s not just doing it, she’s killing it

Aubrey’s PCOS is very aggressive. So we have kept in some Metformin and Spironolactone, but with lifestyle changes and functional nutrition programming her condition is diminishing. And not just weight, but the actual condition itself.

If you address PCOS correctly, the weight loss will soon follow. If you only address weight loss, the condition will inevitably get worse. That’s the trick.

Aubrey has accepted the challenge and is staying patient as the results are slow and steady, but she's told us, "My life is so much better now because of Nutrition Dynamic!" 

These are the stories we live for. This is why we're here. For clients like Aubrey. 

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