4 Tips to Avoid Post-Show Rebound

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4 Tips to Avoid Post-Show Rebound

by Caroline DeMesquita, Functional Health Coach & Posing Coach

Hey, I see you sweating during those cardio sessions and squeezing out every last bit you can during your weight training sessions. You’re crushing it! Week after week, you are progressing. You have dialed in the diet and minimized distractions and obstacles. You will look amazing come show day!

I know you are already planning out your post show meals and after stage treats. Cookies, pizza, fats and carbs galore! I’ve been there too. I’ve even packed my own treats. But have you figured out a post show plan so you don’t go off the rails, risk putting on all the weight, and more importantly, the body fat you have worked so hard to burn off?

It’s common for athletes, especially first time competitors, to experience what is called a “post show rebound”. The average athlete is in competition prep for 12 weeks to 16 weeks. This is typically a specific, strict meal plan with only changes of decreasing food. For someone with less experience, it can be quite taxing not just on the body, but also on the mind.

So how do you overcome and prevent a post show rebound? Here are a few things that have worked for myself and my clients.

  1. On show weekend, allow yourself food freedom after the competition. A little social time and food is good for the body and the mind. Prep is a very individual process. Since you normally don’t eat with friends and family, take this time to do just that!
  2. The first week post show, if you are not doing another show immediately afterwards, you should start to improve metabolism, adrenals and thyroid function. They have been in over drive for weeks and you will need to support them. A few ways include reducing training frequency, focusing on lower intensity cardio sessions, increasing caloric intake, and adding supplementation to lift up nutrients. Our flush process will do all of this as well!
  3. Take more time to rest, destress and feel blessed. Your emotions might be going from highs to lows. Post show blues is a thing and we feel almost an emptiness once the “stage day” has past. Stay centered and grounded in who you are as a person and perhaps start a non fitness hobby.
  4. Continue weekly check-ins with your coach for accountability. It will keep you grounded in your process and see progress.

Take these to heart and let us know if you need guidance for your show or post-show plan! 

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