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You’re starting a new weight loss program and you feel certain that your lack of exercise is what typically holds you back. You wake up at 430am to squeeze a workout in before the kids wake up even though you only got 5 hours of sleep. You feel exhausted, but you shrug your shoulders and tell yourself this is the only way to achieve your goal. Once at the gym, you realize you forgot to grab something to eat. Your mind wanders off and you begin to think about how well you did keeping your meals under 400 calories yesterday. You complete the workout and leave the gym feeling proud that you made it there but confused why you still feel so drained.


Where did you go wrong?

Exercise isn’t something you HAVE to do, it’s something you GET to do. It’s a privilege that is often abused. Privileges need to be earned.

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You felt a little off and thought it might be your hormones. You did some googling and found a few articles on hormone balance and began implementing a few things. A couple months go by, but you don’t really see much of a difference. Where did you go wrong?

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How do you prioritize your days? Your weeks? Do you find yourself constantly rushing around to the next thing without a second to spare while feeling that heightened sense of stress every moment of each day? 

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Cold therapy has been getting a lot of hype recently due to one man named Wim Hof (aka the “Ice Man). But is all the hype backed by Science? Let’s break it down.

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