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You felt a little off and thought it might be your hormones. You did some googling and found a few articles on hormone balance and began implementing a few things. A couple months go by, but you don’t really see much of a difference. Where did you go wrong?

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⚡️The GOAL of a healthy menstrual cycle is not the “PERIOD”, it’s actually OVULATION ⚡️ !!!

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In Period Health 101, we discussed the basics of why your period is so important to your health, along with what phases happen throughout the month. In this blog, we're discussing Phase 1, the Follicular Phase.

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Are there days that are heavier for you than others? Depression sets in, anxiety spikes. Maybe your symptoms are a bit more intense than this. Cardiovascular issues, abnormal blood clotting, seizures, numbness in your extremities? Maybe you’re just not feeling quite right but all of the doctors you have spoken to tell you that your labs are normal and to exercise more and get better rest. Surprise! You’re not alone. 

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Most competitive females will do whatever it takes to sculpt and build their dream body. This includes extreme dieting, training, cardio sessions, stimulants and additional performance enhancements.

There are many tools in the toolbox. But when it comes down to the final product, when you get that “summer leanness” or “stage leanness”, how do you help the hormones rebalance and return to homeostasis?

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