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If you are like most hygienic people, brushing your teeth has become embedded in your morning routine.  It’s not even much of a decision anymore, it’s something that you do without thinking. In fact, according to Wendy Wood, 45% of our decisions that we make every day aren’t actually decisions at all-- they are habits.

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After college, I ran a meal prep company out of my kitchen for about a year and quickly became a grocery store guru. Even when buying food for 50+ meals per week, I was able to get in and out of the store in under 45 minutes. I have all the tips and tricks to make your grocery buying high quality, cost efficient, and not a total time sucker!

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“How do I balance my hormones?”  I hear this a lot and it’s SUCH a loaded question. Balancing hormones is a highly individualized process, but one simple thing almost everyone can do to support hormones is to start seed cycling!  Seed cycling is simply the process of consuming 1-2 tablespoons of specific seeds at certain times during your monthly cycle.  Don’t worry fellas, you can seed cycle, too. 

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