Hormone Balancing with Seed Cycling

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Hormone Balancing with Seed Cycling

by Danielle DeGroot, MS, RDN, LDN - @dietitiangonewild

“How do I balance my hormones?”  I hear this a lot and it’s SUCH a loaded question. Balancing hormones is a highly individualized process, but one simple thing almost everyone can do to support hormones is to start seed cycling!  Seed cycling is simply the process of consuming 1-2 tablespoons of specific seeds at certain times during your monthly cycle. *Don’t worry fellas, you can seed cycle, too. 

Follicular Phase begins on the 1st day of your period and ends on the last day of ovulation, typically Days 1-14 of your cycle.  During this phase, you consume flax and pumpkin seeds. The zinc in pumpkin seeds supports testosterone levels while the flaxseeds support estrogen detoxification. 

Luteal Phase begins after the last day of ovulation and ends right before your period begins, or Days 15-28 of your cycle.  This phase supports the rise in progesterone and you consume sesame and sunflower seeds. The magnesium in sunflower seeds can help reduce cramping and the calcium may help support mood. Sesame seeds help reduce inflammation.

If you have an irregular period or none at all, follow the guidelines for which days to take the seeds as mentioned above.  Another option for the ladies or the gents is to rotate seeds based on the moon cycle.

Some easy ways I like to incorporate seeds into my diet are in smoothies, sprinkled over oatmeal or yogurt bowls, in salads or mixed in with cooked veggies.  

While seed cycling is a great place to begin, hormones issues can be complicated. If you’d like to really get a hold of your individualized hormone health, book a free Discovery Call with us at Nutrition Dynamic and see if working with myself or one of our coaches is a good fit for you! https://calendly.com/healthguide/discovery

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