The Key to Balancing Your Hormones

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The Key to Balancing Your Hormones

by Caroline O'Connor, RD

You felt a little off and thought it might be your hormones. You did some googling and found a few articles on hormone balance and began implementing a few things. A couple months go by, but you don’t really see much of a difference. Where did you go wrong?

With hormones, you need to TEST, don’t guess! Let me introduce you to QUEEN of lab work – the DUTCH Hormone Test

If you don’t have data to show your hormonal strengths and weaknesses, then your protocol won’t be targeted enough to produce results that you can see & feel. 

DUTCH test results



The DUTCH test can seem very overwhelming for a first-time viewer. What you need to know is it covers all your major sex and stress hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol) and their downstream metabolites.

When it comes to balancing hormones, this is more helpful than standard bloodwork due to the depth of the test. For example, It doesn’t just show estradiol; rather, it shows all three types of estrogen AND the pathways of estrogen detoxification. 

Like your body, hormones are dynamic. This means the levels are constantly changing, adapting, converting and moving through elimination pathways. The DUTCH doesn’t give you one point in time, it paints you a story of how your body works. 

If you’re looking to balance your hormones, achieve optimal health or simply just understand your body on a deeper level – let’s test! When you purchase a DUTCH test through us, you’ll get a 30 minute review session with me where we can talk all things lifestyle, diet, exercise and supplementation to better support your hormone health. 

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