What the MTFHR Gene is, and How it Could Be Affecting You

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What the MTFHR Gene is, and How it Could Be Affecting You

by Selin Steinacher, Functional Health Coach

Are there days that are heavier for you than others? Depression sets in, anxiety spikes. Maybe your symptoms are a bit more intense than this. Cardiovascular issues, abnormal blood clotting, seizures, numbness in your extremities? Maybe you’re just not feeling quite right but all of the doctors you have spoken to tell you that your labs are normal and to exercise more and get better rest. Surprise! You’re not alone. 

These could be signs that you have a variation in your MTFHR gene. Your MTFHR gene provides the roadmap for your body to make the MTFHR protein which helps your body process folate. As I am sure you’ve gathered, folate is vital because it helps your body make DNA and modify proteins. This variant is a literal change in your DNA structure which results in the gene not being able to perform as intended. 

To explain what is happening we need to take a look at homocysteine, a chemical in your blood. If this chemical is not excreted through our body’s detoxification, then it is recycled by our body to be used by other proteins (homocysteine and MTFHR mutations-Stephan Moll). In order for this to actually work our body needs folate, Vit B12, and Vit B6 otherwise the homocysteine will accumulate in the blood and concentrations of this will be significantly higher than intended. This, paired with the variation in your gene, does not allow for the homocysteine to be recycled efficiently and can cause a long list of issues in the human body. 

Don’t worry! There is a way to manage this. Many of our functional health practitioners have clients with similar gene variances and have been able to educate their patients on lifestyle changes to help support the recycling of homocysteine in their body. If you struggle with this variance and you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, click the link below for a free consultation to better understand what Nutrition Dynamic has to offer in this area.

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