Why You Should Prioritize Your Time Management

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Why You Should Prioritize Your Time Management

by Selin Steinacher, Functional Health Coach

How do you prioritize your days? Your weeks? Do you find yourself constantly rushing around to the next thing without a second to spare while feeling that heightened sense of stress every moment of each day? 

It may be time for you to look at what your priorities are.

Time management is a skill. This means that you do have the opportunity to perfect this skill. This can look like ensuring you get to bed at a decent time to wake up with enough time to start your days off on the right foot.

One thing that I do as well as recommend to my clients, is keeping their phones in the living room and investing in an alarm clock. I know, I know. It SEEMS silly, but the minimized distraction of not surfing social media for an hour before bed will help you fall asleep quicker and improve the quality of your sleep by being exposed to less blue light right before bed.

Another small but effective habit is not looking at your phone for the first half hour to hour of your morning. Wake up, do some breath work, go for a morning walk, come back, make a nutritionally dense breakfast and get yourself out the door before you decide to check your phone. That way, you’re starting your day off with parasympathetic activity, undistracted by the stresses of this world via your phone. 

If you’re interested in building healthier habits, constructing a healthier lifestyle for yourself, and optimizing your health – then it may be time for you to set up a free consultation with Nutrition Dynamic!

Selin Steinacher, theturkishhealer on Instagram

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