5 Tips to Being a Healthy Travel Pro

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5 Tips to Being a Healthy Travel Pro

by Danielle DeGroot, MS, RDN, CYT

Do you ever get back from vacay and feel like you need a vacay from the vacay? Yeah, I’ve been there.. you travel somewhere and your normal routine goes right out the window.  It starts at the airport, celebrating the start of your trip and then you go too hard for the duration of the trip without the support your body needs. Eventually you arrive home feeling BEAT.  Total amateur hour.  Well I’m here to tell ya, if this resonates, you’re doing it wrong.  I’m a big believer that traveling should be a part of any health and wellness regimen.  Getting out of your routine and submerged in nature or a new culture is healing to the soul.  It can be like a very boujee cortisol reset if you use the time wisely instead of running yourself into the ground.  Here are my top 5 ways to travel like a pro so you arrive back better than when you left.

  1. DRINK. YOUR. WATER. I know… mind blowing stuff, right?  But do you DO it??  Sometimes we get on vacation mode and go YOLO and start celebrating at the airport with alcohol or Starbucks or some other beverage that is usually not H2O.  To remedy this, bring your own water bottle and look for a fountain to fill up once you’re through security.  Otherwise, grab one of those overpriced water bottles at the airport because, honestly, it’ll be worth it.  Flying can dehydrate you and if you start your trip dehydrated you’re likely going to mess up your digestion for the remainder of your trip.  No one wants to be constipated when they’re trying to let loose, am I right?  

  2. Pack your food and supplements.  If you’ve seen the people at the airport pulling out their containers with pre-prepared meals and snacks.. these are the pros.  Watch and learn.  It may seem like a pain initially to pack and bring all that, but they’re going to save money and be feeling good for their trip.  You can pack any protein powders or medical foods. Some newbies are concerned about powders looking suspicious to TSA, but they’re used to seeing those come through by now.  They gave my MediPure DS a once over on a recent trip, but we got through it so don’t worry.  If you need to prioritize, bring your supplements and look for healthy snacks at the airport. Most convenience stops will now have things like hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, veggies with dip, salads, fruit purees or cups and nuts. 

  3. Avoid the big “no-no’s.” So this only applies if you’re on a specific meal plan at the time of your travel or long term.  For instance, someone with Celiac disease would want to avoid gluten always, but someone working with us at Nutrition Dynamic who is on a Flush program would want to avoid gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, soy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed foods, and chemicals/dyes as best as possible on their trip.  It may be tempting to veer off a plan while traveling, but you will feel better in the long run if you don’t.

  4. However, if you do slip up and deviate from a plan (happens to the best of us).. Get the basics in.  That means your water, plenty of fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits and healthy proteins/fats.  So for instance, maybe you decide you’re going to have a slice or 2 of pizza.  Make sure that pizza is paired with a lean protein and a hefty portion of non-starchy veggies so you can still support healthy digestion and blood sugars.  Or let’s say you’re going to enjoy an adult beverage, make sure you’re drinking all of your daily water goal and then some. 

  5. Stay Active! Have Fun! Rest!  All of this is SO, SO important to healing.  Choose activities while traveling other than hanging out at the local bars or all-inclusive resort.  See if you can do something fun and active like hiking or snorkeling.  Or consider taking an active trip. I lead yoga retreats around the world because retreats are one of my favorite ways to travel providing a good balance of being restorative and adventurous.  On the other hand, don’t run yourself into the ground either with too many activities followed by late nights and not enough sleep.  Find a good balance of rest and play so you can restore.

And if you can’t travel for any given reason, a mini road trip, a camping trip or a staycation are ALL great options as well and these tips above still apply!  If you want the benefits of a vacation, but can’t take one at the moment, try a Cortisol Reset.  Take 2 CortEaze every 3 hours over the course of a weekend, rest a lot and get an extra hour of sleep.  

Grab some CortEaze or MediPure DS for your travel needs here: Nutrition Dynamic Products

Danielle DeGroot - Instagram: @dietitiangonewild , Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Functional Health Coach, Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher

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