Are you suffering from OID?

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Are you suffering from OID?

For many of you reading this, this will be the missing link you've been looking for....

It affects millions across the US.

Many diagnoses have been given, but they only describe the symptoms of the actual underlying condition.

It's a layer of deep-rooted cellular inflammation that you can't just diet away or live a healthier lifestyle.

You constantly feel drained, and you have all these odd symptoms that seem to hang on and slowly worsen over time.

For many of you, you will wonder why because you rarely get sick, and that's supposed to be a marker of health; however, you know something is wrong, and you can't figure it out.

Your labs may come back normal, but you feel terrible.

Modern science and the medical community are beginning to discover a missing link but don't have a name for it. We call it OID.

OID stands for overactive immune disorder.

It begins with a trigger. Maybe an infection, perhaps mold, maybe over dieting, an eating disorder, heavy metal exposure, or death that causes too much emotional stress.

The event is so big that your immune system gets triggered to product t and b killer cells. Overproduction of killer immune cells creates an imbalance in your immune system. Think of killer cells as proinflammatory and think of macrophages as an anti-inflammatory. You make too many killers and not enough macrophages. So your body spills over into hyper inflammation, and those immune cells steal your energy and are causing all your symptoms. Your body begins to make a lot of something called senescent cells that create even more inflammation because macrophages can't clean them out.

This won't show up on CBC Immuno panel because the population range on blood work is way too large to catch it. Also, overactivity can happen in specific tissues like the gut and not be in the bloodstream.

Through 4 step strategic process, you can remove immunosenescence. If you do, you balance the immune system and recover your life back.

You can learn more about OID at our Metabolic Mentor University or you can overcome it yourself with our expert OID coaches at Nutrition Dynamic.


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