Stress & Illness: Are they related?

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Stress & Illness: Are they related?

by Kristen Smith, DPT


Did you know that over-exposure to stress accounts for 90 PERCENT of all primary care visits in the U.S? And almost ALL illness is stress related?!


Whether it be caused by stress, aggravated by stress, or causes stress…


Too often we might tell ourselves we’re not stressed, when in fact, we’re probably just used to it. After being under stress for so long (job, relationships, the pandemic, finances, life stressors, etc.) our bodies adapt to these “alarm molecules” and heightened stress hormones, and we just get used to being in that stressed out state to the point  our body doesn’t even realize it’s not normal. 


When we exceed our personal threshold, stress can wreak some major havoc on our bodies:


💥 GI upset

💥 Cardiovascular issues

💥 Physical Ailments - joint/muscle pain, stiffness, weight gain

💥 Emotional/social challenges

💥 Decreased libido

💥 Mental impairment - brain fog, can’t think straight

💥 Mood changes

💥Sleep problems

The list goes on…


A lot of times, people think of stress as just this ONE thing, but it’s really not just one thing at all. It’s ALL of these things and more:


⚠️ Psychological - self-esteem, death, unemployment, divorce

⚠️ Environmental - light, noise, toxins/chemicals

⚠️ Metabolic - inflammation, inadequate nutrition 

⚠️ Physiological - pain, too much exercise, poor sleep, trauma


All of these stressors really add up and can overflow our cup, leading to all of those symptoms up above.


Here at Nutrition Dynamic, we have a total KNOCK OUT product that can help decrease the effects of stress on your body (and helps ya sleep better, too!)


I personally take this product and the majority of my clients take this supplement as well. It’s called Cort-Eaze, which you can learn more about (and purchase) by clicking here!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a lot like me - maybe you work a lot, maybe you tend to put others before yourself, maybe you’re actually really stressed out but you’re just so used to being like that and your mind tricks you into thinking you’re not stressed. Here’s your reminder that it’s OKAY to relax and chill out WITHOUT feeling guilty about it. Your body will thank you for it!

Take care, 

Coach Kristen 

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